Last Call - September 30th.

Entry deadline is on Friday, September 30th, 23:59 Italian Time.

A' Design Awards is a very big, highly prestigious international design competition that manages the World Design Rankings, in which thousands of brands, designers, artists, architects, engineers and creatives from around the world annually participate in a variety of good design competitions, where entries are peer-reviewed and judged by a 200+ person, expert jury panel of scholars, journalists and professionals, following pre-established evaluation criteria.

The A' Design Prize is a highly coveted, all inclusive reward for winning the A' Design Award, and includes 80+ benefits, some of which are noted below, most remarkably, the A' Design Prize includes publication and promotion of winning works in 108 languages in 122+ publications, with an opportunity to reach 500.000 journalists and 300 million design oriented readers via media partners and associated press. In addition to life-time license to use the award winner logo, exclusive 3d metal trophy, hardcover yearbook, framed certificate and much more.

The A' Design Awards are right now open for your entries, and time is almost up, entries close very soon on September 30th, 23:59 UTC+1 Italian Time.

We kindly invite you to send us your work for awards consideration so that we could showcase your products to the whole World and provide you with global recognition, fame, prestige and publicity for your good design.

We are looking forward to help you boost your good design business, and to recognize and promote you together with other world-leading professional creatives, super designers, star architects, famous artists, respected brands and trusted manufacturers as an esteemed and prestigious winner of the A' Design Awards.

We believe, winning the A' Design Award could be highly relevant to help you convince clients, influence consumers, inspire customers, convert leads and attract buyers to your good design business. We hope, winning the awards could increase your profits and sales; doing so is alligned with our foundation goal; to make the World a better place with good design, as such it is our duty to promote good design, and businesses that create good design.

We are looking forward to help you get your work published and promoted in 122+ publications in 108 languages. You should submit your products and projects before the entry deadline to have a chance at winning one of the World's most prestigious design awards.

98% of winner designers obtain a preliminary review before nominating their work. It is free to obtain a preliminary review. It is free to create an account, it is free to upload your work; and once you upload your work you will receive a free and highly confidential preliminary review score that tells you how good your design is; you will learn in advance if your products and projects could compete with other submissions, and you will at your sole discretion decide to continue forward with nomination or not, without any obligations to nominate your work if you submit your design. We provide the preliminary review to help you improve your presentation and ensure only good entries are nominated for final round.

Good design deserves great recognition.

Your good design deserves worldwide respect, recognition and honor.

Entries closes on September 30th, 23:59 Italian time.

Enter your work today.

Featured Works :

liquor packagingpackagingpackagingtea packaging
brand identitycalendarbrand identitybrand identity
public artchristmas decorationsculpture installationview platform
in store experience wallbrochuredigital campaigncar brochure
exhibition photography seriesawarenesscreative photographyvisual communication
websiteemployee platformwebsiteredesign
communication platformplayful interfacewell-being appinteractive fluidic interfaces
book designmonographbookscientific publication
kindergartenhotelhotelwine cellar
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stooloutdoor furnitureweaving armchairdesk
smart phonemotorized stabilizerblutooth on ear headphonespeaker

Call for Entries: 
A' Design Awards

Good design worldwide will be recognized for their excellence.

Entries for the A' Design Awards closes on September 30th.

The much-coveted A' Design Prize,
provided to laureates includes the following benefits and much more:



Laureates are given their 3D metal printed trophy during the glamorous gala-night and award ceremony in Italy.


Award Winner Logo

Winners are given a perpetual worldwide unlimited royalty-free license to use good design marks and symbols.

Red Carpet Stage Photography Music

Gala Night

The gala-night is a red-carpet, black tie event exclusive to laureates, VIPs and journalists.

Exhibition Exhibition of Designs Design Exhibition Designer Exhibition International Design Exhibition Exhibition


Works are exhibited first in Italy. The good design exhibition is then moved to several other countries.



Laureates are given their framed certificate of design excellence during gala-night and ceremony in Italy.



Laureates are given hardcover yearbooks in which their works are published at the gala ceremony in Italy.



Laureates are granted public relations and promotions, get published in 120+ publications in over 100 languages.



Best works are accepted to the permanent collection of our design museum.

Prestige Crowd


Entries are voted by 200+ person grand jury panel of university professors, design journalists and professionals.


World Design Rankings

Winners get eligible to represent their countries and territories in the World Design Rankings.

PR Logo Designer in front of photography wall Designers posing in front of photography wall Video

Public Relations

Winners get an electronic media kit containing press release, photos and interviews prepared for them.



Competition results reach 500.000 journalists via news agencies such as Associated Press and Reuters.



Every laurate gets interviewed, designer and design interviews get published in at least four different publications.


Honourable Titles and Ratings

Winners become eligible to obtain honourable titles such as Expert, Master or Grand Master Designer, and earn rating ranks such as A-Rank or S-Rank.

Consortium Venue

World Design Consortium

Laureates are invited to join the World Design Consortium, to sell their creative, design and architectural services to international clients.


Premium Profile

Laureates gain lifetime premium featured profile and listing at the platform.


Official Media Partners

Winning works are presented to 50+ official media partners with 300 million yearly circulation.


All Inclusive, Full Respect

Award winners are not obliged to pay winner's fees or further fees. You keep rights to your work.



Obtain an exclusive manual that explains how to drive maximum value from your victory.


Prestige System

Accumulate and spend your prestige tokens for perks such as having your name written with large gold letters on the walls of a contemporary design museum.


Clubs and Associations

Laureates gain lifetime free membership to select clubs and associations.


Your Book

Select laureates will have a book dedicated and published solely to their own works, in addition to being included in the annual yearbook with other winning works.

Salone del Designer

Clients, Customers, Buyers

Laureates will be able to list their award-winning works for sale at Salone del Designer for free.


Starred Designers

Laureates get eligible to obtain star and included in the design star guides.


Continuous Outreach

Every day, throughout the year, award-winners are featured, published and promoted.


Get Featured

Winning works are syndicated and published via multiple design news networks, on average each laureate gets published in 122 publications.


Design Award Categories

The A' Design Award is a worldwide design event in which thousands of designers from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. Prominent competition categories include Graphics Design, Illustration, Branding, Interface Design and Packaging Design.


Enter the A' Design Awards Now.

A' Design Awards closes on September 30th.

Results will be published and promoted in over 100 languages.

Nominate your work before September 30th, 2022.














Free Preliminary Score : Upload your work today to get a free design score; you will get a confidential score from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for your work, this score tells you how good your design is.

Featured Works (From Right to Left, Bottom to Top) : • #133901 xi jiu hanmi liquor packaging, • #123073 pepsi football packaging, • #138822 johnnie walker limited edition packaging, • #127647 xinjihao puer tea packaging, • #133445 better bodies hi brand identity, • #107048 dimension in the shadows calendar, • #119111 math alive brand identity, • #121119 designers brasileiros brand identity, • #104473 flow with the sprit of water public art, • #122569 golden dot invasion christmas decoration, • #92317 superegg sculpture installation, • #123144 pop star view platform, • #100808 electric meets reality in store experience wall, • #75651 nissan fairlady z brochure, • #122993 doritos rainbow digital campaign, • #123154 nissan note car brochure, • #123321 eons exhibition photography series, • #76664 found awareness, • #76515 eye candy creative photography, • #57104 plates visual communication, • #92824 coreintive website, • #135791 kolektif employee platform, • #109845 s5 studios website, • #93996 macys website redesign, • #111886 contact centre communication platform, • #67411 delacon dandelion playful interface, • #120927 vfit+ well-being app, • #106683 venous materials interactive fluidic interfaces, • #108012 art and us book design, • #81172 tadao ando monograph, • #140455 3d embossed book, • #97144 the birth of a book scientific publication, • #105767 woodland kindergarten, • #123388 fuzhou marriott riverside hotel, • #95289 aoxin holiday hotel, • #134579 the peacock wine cellar, • #135986 chengdu nbd centre architecture, • #126211 oriental movie metropolis show theater exhibition hall, • #126103 37 interactive entertainment hq highrise building, • #120768 bayfront pavilion public event space, • #136965 dc 3 stool, • #68171 niwa outdoor furniture, • #122063 lattice chair weaving armchair, • #123309 shelter desk, • #70658 oneplus 6 smart phone, • #77185 kylin m motorized stabilizer, • #72826 avanti air blutooth on ear headphone and • #97105 black hole speaker.

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