Sivola-35 Mt Motor Yacht by Antonio Cataldi

Antonio Cataldi Discloses The Sivola 35 Mt Motor Yacht

Antonio Cataldi, the maker of the award winning project 35 mt motor yacht:SiVola by Antonio Cataldi explains, SiVola is a 35 mt Motoryacht design that communicate speed, strength, aerodynamic, with its unique and organic shape that clearly gets inspiration by supercars or a military aircrafts. A timless look, that doesn't feel obsolete just after few years but that can last over the taste and trend changing and can be defined a "classic". It wins the challenge to maintain a high standard of comfort, and at the same time achieving an aggressive look, fitting all the things of a same length motoryacht in the aerodynamic profile of SiVola. .

Sivola-35 Mt Motor Yacht by Antonio Cataldi Images:


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