La Gondola Bio by Ana Lisa Luças

Ana Lisa Luças Demonstrates The La Gondola Bio Card Box

Ana Lisa Luças, the thinktank behind the highlighted project card box by Ana Lisa Luças points out, We wanted to get a modern, ecofriendly and environment concern look just by look. Resulted in a 2 coulor packaging, reducing costs and ink wastes. <Cropped>

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Chair by Yahe Zhang

Yahe Zhang Shows The 1:2 Chair

Yahe Zhang, the project leader of the awarded project 1:2 by Yahe Zhang illustrates, The purpose of this design is to use one chair to meet people's needs at different stages. With the advantage of being detachable, children can use chairs with <Cropped>

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Best Web Design Awards

Prestigious Web Design Awards Recognizes Excellence in Development and Design of Websites, by Both Individuals and Companies

One of the most prestigious web design awards is the IMA (Interactive Media Awards) which recognizes excellence in development and design of websites, by both individuals and companies. The top reasons mentioned by IMA to enter such a competition is <Cropped>

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Private Residence:wang Residence by Gudc

Gudc Presents The Wang Residence Private Residence

GUDC, the architect of the highlighted work GUDC's Wang Residence Private Residence says, Styling Together The main approach is to let the elegant style of stone and leather texture play the magic in the generous interior area. We chose the whit <Cropped>

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Cardboard Construction System:makedo Toolkit by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Makedo Toolkit Cardboard Construction System

The author of the displayed design Acclaimed Designer's Makedo Toolkit cardboard construction system points out, Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended, reusable system of tools for creative cardboard construction. With just three customised tool <Cropped>

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Urs China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 Lingyun Lane

The Competition Aims to Create Distinctive Entrances For Urs China’s Urban Renewal Project Lingyun Lane

The competition aims to create distinctive entrances for urs china’s urban renewal project lingyun lane.

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Seat by Kent Gration

Kent Gration Illustrates The Costello Seat Seat

Kent Gration, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Seat by Kent Gration explicates, The Costello Seat's organic form and sophisticated use of cross-laminated E0 low VOC FSC certified bamboo, reveals a mosaic of vertical and horizont <Cropped>

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Colega Architects's Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects Discloses The Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects, the designer of the displayed work Colega Architects's BH International Residence Residential House explains, Sited on a corner lot in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, the project embraces aspects and theory seen in t <Cropped>

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Cafe Seating:avivo by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Avivo Cafe Seating

The designer of the awarded work Avivo by Acclaimed Designer points out, Blending a modern aesthetic with versatile design options, the Avivo line includes coordinating chairs, tables in various sizes, bar stools, and bar-height tables for indoors or <Cropped>

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Residential House:unique Space Devised Through Skylight by Sheng-Hao Sun

Sheng-Hao Sun Shows The Unique Space Devised Through Skylight Residential House

Sheng-Hao Sun, the architect of the award winning project Sheng-Hao Sun's Unique Space Devised Through Skylight Residential House points out, The artificial sky light and the sculpture-like staircase constructs a vision focused on its spacial as <Cropped>

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