All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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The Next Designer of The Year

Your Chance to Compete For The Designer of The Year Title Is Here, Enter The Awards This Year to Prove Good Design

A' Design Awards is a premier design competition that honours the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios, brands and design oriented companies worldwide. Held in Como, Italy, the juried competition is awarded annually in a wide ra <Cropped>

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Residential by Cameron Kam Hin Lun

Cameron Kam Hin Lun Illustrates The Smooth Sailing Residential

Cameron Kam Hin Lun, the thinktank behind the awarded project Award Winning Smooth Sailing Residential explains, This flat is located on the top floor of the building where one can enjoy the sweeping views of Victoria Harbour. The large stained glass <Cropped>

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Dolmen Design and Innovation Consultancy's Cyclok Bicycle Parking System

Dolmen Design and Innovation Consultancy Spotlights The Cyclok Bicycle Parking System

Dolmen Design and Innovation Consultancy, the thinktank behind the awarded project Cyclok - Bicycle Parking System by Dolmen Design and Innovation Consultancy spells out, Cyc-lok is a patented modular system providing convenient, secure bike parking <Cropped>

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Hospital:iguchi Funabori by Takuji Kamio

Takuji Kamio Shows The Iguchi Funabori Hospital

Takuji Kamio, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Iguchi Funabori by Takuji Kamio points out, The design concept was brought by an idea of combining the space surfaces with various geometric expressions to make an art feeling space. Seve <Cropped>

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Earrings and Ring by Fabio Brazil & Henrique Murgel

Fabio Brazil & Henrique Murgel Spotlights The Vivit Collection Earrings and Ring

Fabio Brazil & Henrique Murgel, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Vivit Collection Earrings and Ring says, Inspired by forms found in nature, Vivit Collection creates an interesting and curious perception by the elongated shapes a <Cropped>

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Metatron-Armchair by Kamil Taner

Kamil Taner Designs The Metatron Armchair

Kamil Taner, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Metatron Armchair illustrates, Kamil Taner's philosophy is to design timeless furniture and interiors. He believes a great design will keep on living in our beautiful planet at ev <Cropped>

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Jewellery Set by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Tentacle Jewellery Set

The maker of the award winning work Award Winning Tentacle Jewellery set explicates, First of all we try to offer more optional in inlay part of jewellery,with this kind of inlay design more flawed gems can be used to product,or you can say enhance t <Cropped>

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Various Voiced by Qiu Liwei

Qiu Liwei Designs The Rattle Drum Various Voiced

Qiu Liwei, the creative mind behind the displayed work Rattle Drum - Various voiced by Qiu Liwei explains, This design proposes new design feasibility of structure, material and modelling of rattle-drum products, gives rattle-drum more manifestation <Cropped>

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Temporary Needs

Chicco Invites All Creative People to Dive Into The World of Children Transportation by Car and Develop a Concept of Foldable Car Seat Designed For Kids From 3 to 12 Years Old, Easy to Put Away When Not in Use.chicco Invites All Creative People to Dive In

Chicco invites all creative people to dive into the world of children transportation by car and develop a concept of foldable car seat designed for kids from 3 to 12 years old, easy to put away when not in use.Chicco invites all creative people to di <Cropped>

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